Dr. Cartoncino offers the following services:

  • prevention of dental decay
  • dental root canal therapy
  • dental fillings
  • devitalized teeth
  • prosthetic rehabilitation
  • reconstruction of teeth using veneers and inlays
  • halitosis treatment
  • fixed and mobile orthodontics for both children as well as adults
  • conscious sedation

Implantology and related activities

protesi denti

The Olbia dentist specializes in: implantology (PPG), osteointegrated implantology with bone dental regeneration. The staff also offers treatment for periodontal disease.

It also takes care of conscious sedation for overcoming anxiety and "fear of dentists".

Please contact the office if you would like more information about these services or if you would like to know the total cost.

Aesthetic dentistry

pulizia denti

When it comes to dental aesthetics, Dr. Francesco Cartoncino's staff offers dental cleaning with air flow as well as dental whitening.

This last intervention can be done either in the studio itself or at home, using a special mask with an opening for your mouth. Your smile will be whiter than ever before!

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